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hai all,

this is the installation help for x86 family of processors:

  1. download the gNewSense ISO image & burn it onto a CD. If you dont know how to burn an ISO image, try Clusty.com or alternatively Google.

  2. put the new CD into CD-ROM & boot from it. Since it is a LiveCD, it will take some time to complete its detection of hardware & doing some other settings. after some time you will get a desktop :-) here, you can experiment on the desktop with the menu, panel, softwares available & it will not affect your installation or hard-disk.

  3. when you feel you want to install just click on the "Install" icon on the desktop & answer the necessary questions. (for first time users please select "automatic partinioning")

  4. now do what exactly the CD says. sorry but i can't explain how to answer the questions asked during installation. i can't, they are already too simple :-)

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