Outdated documentation

This page is out of date. Please use the main navigation to find the latest documentation.

Get the last source

http://download.osgeo.org/qgis/src/ (this how to is made on a 1.4.0 qgis version)

Get dependencies

Installation (easy way) or you can have a look on the INSTALL file

cd qgis mkdir build cd build ccmake ..

When you run ccmake (note the .. is required!), a menu will appear where you can configure various aspects of the build.

Now press 'c' to configure, 'e' to dismiss any error messages that may appear.

After validating many times by 'c' you can generate the make files press 'g'.

Note that sometimes 'c' needs to be pressed several times before the 'g' option becomes available.

After the 'g' generation is complete, press 'q' to exit the ccmake interactive dialog.

Now on with the build:

make sudo make install

You have finish and can launch qgis directly from a terminal or create a quick link in your panel.



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