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Since gNewSense is intended to be Free as in Freedom, not all Hardware is well supported as in other GNU/Linux Distributions.

To install gNewSense, download the iso-file (please use the torrent tracker) and burn it on a cd or create a pendrive. After turning the 2133 on, type F9 to boot from another device and choose your device (the device has to be plugged in before you turn the machine on). The 1024x600 resolution is not supported by the live-cd, so you will have to type "linux xforcevesa" at the prompt. You will then be presented with a 640x480 desktop. It is just enough to perform the Installation, as you can easily guess the question asked, and the "next"-button is just about clickable.

The integrated wireless card on the HP 2133 uses non-free Firmware and as such is not supported by gNewSense. I asked my friends if they had any old wireless usb dongles, and traded a ZyAIR G-220 for a coffee w/ sugar and cream. The driver for this is GPL'ed and hence free.

The Ethernet card is a bcm5788. The Driver ist GPL, but Broadcom refuses to make the firmware free. So the Ethernet card also will not work in gNewSense.

Sound through the integrated speakers works out of the box. The headphone Jack is not recognized with a fresh install of gNS. For this ALSA v1.0.17 is needed (which comes with Kernel version >=2.6.27)

Webcam works out of the box with "cheese".

The Video Chipset is a Via Chrome9. The appropriate driver for this is the openchrome driver (openchrome.org). Unfortunately, gNewSense delta_h uses an old version of the openchrome driver (0.2.901). For the HP 2133 to work correctly, openchrome 0.2.903 should be used (according to the changelog NEWS-file in the openchrome source). However, openchrome 0.2.903 depends on "x11proto-gl-dev" which cannot be installed (yet) (see this Bug ).

All in all, the HP 2133 is a suboptimal netbook for being free as in freedom.


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