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gNewSense with User-mode Linux

For more information about User-mode Linux, please visit the official homepage.

A root file system of gNewSense has been created, which you can use with UML. It's available at http://goukihq.org/linux/uml/filesystem/gnewsense/. Please choose the architecture and version you prefer (at the time of this writing only Deltah is available).

Also, if you prefer using Linux Libre as the executable for Linux, you can download it at http://goukihq.org/linux/uml/kernel/.

Quick guide for UML

  1. Download the kernel: wget http://goukihq.org/linux/uml/kernel/2.6.29-libre/linux-2.6.29-libre-UML

  2. Download the filesystem: wget http://goukihq.org/linux/uml/filesystem/gnewsense/deltah/gNS-Deltah-x86-root_fs.bz2 (~45MB)

  3. Uncompress the filesystem: bunzip2 gNS-Deltah-x86-root_fs.bz2 (~2GB)

  4. Run it ./linux-2.6.29-libre-UML udba=gNS-Deltah-x86-root_fs.bz2 mem=128M

  5. Enjoy!

Here is a screenshot.


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