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In order to give people an easy to gravitate around their interests we thought we would suggest teams. We think that they should be formed around the great and the good, i.e. peoples pet projects.

We need to grow for a while:


To create and nurture the visual impact of gNewSense.

Core - Dev:

To work on maintaining the Freedom in the code.

Community Package Builders:

To add Free Software to the non core gNewSense packages. -- this can be broken down into package groups --


Mailing list: gnewsense-users

Function: reading various mailing lists about the linux kernel, debian and ubuntu. What they are looking for is information about non free packages or blocks of code in the kernel, or body of work that is the distro.

Action: to inform the mailing list if a package or block of code comes to their attention, register possible bugs on the bug pages.

Lead: Paul O'Malley Members: Broam


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