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Through the development of processes and content, this project aims to spread gNewSense and to provide a central repository of ideas and information that can be used to deliver gNewSense to new audiences.

How can I help to spread gNewSense?

Here are some of the aspects on which you can work to help us spreading gNewSense:

Resources you can use to spread gNewSense


For potential contributors

Freedom to Use

Free software is software that respects your freedom. gNewSense is the operating system that respects your freedom. It is guaranteed to be the most free operating system in the world. gNewSense gives you the peace of mind that your rights as a computer user will not be compromised. You can recommend it to your friends and family with a clear conscience. It is the modern computing environment of choice for anyone who wants to walk the ethically sound path into the coming digital age.

Freedom to Modify

gNewSense is built using proven technology from the free software community. Our small but motivated group of contributors are working hard to make it the best operating system there is. With your help we can make it even better. Any skills or efforts are welcome. Just volunteer at our website. What we need the most at this time are:

We welcome and value your contributions!


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