Minutes of the meeting between Brian Brazil and Paul O'Malley 7th Jan 2007.


Brian and I met for a while today and here are the notes I made of same, not in the order we discussed them but more as blocks of similar information.

Upcoming point release:

We will be doing two items of note in this release.

gNewSense will be releasing a "KDE" desktop, with a corresponding CD, it is releasing a merely a variant, not a distribution.

This CD is to be called gNewSense-KDE.

We are currently working with someone to develop our version of a fix for the FireFox or Mozilla technology issue. (Not a different version number, just something tackling the non free issues.)

Please note we don't get upset about trademark issues. Proof positive of this is our very existence, Linux is a registered trade mark.

Photo Challenge:

For this point release we have a requirement for a "the logon screen photo" and a desktop graphic.

To be valid this photo, should be released under GDFL without invariant sections. Please mail the list with the subject Login-Photo as the entry , with the photo on line somewhere that we can view it. The photos need to be “family friendly”.

The photo should be of the type: png.

Web Site and Wiki:

Website, as Brian has said in the last couple of days, we are committed to PmWiki as it is easy to use and very extensible.

However we want to know what kind of things should be covered in forums, IF we were to have offical ones. There are no official ones unless we sanction them.

With regard to the website we would like people to develop the following sections on the wiki. (Some of this has been done, but we thought it worth while to state them as goals perhaps you can review and participate in what has been written already, or create suitable new content.)

1. A guide on sudo.

2. Installing a webserver.

3. How to find an application and install it, using both apt-get and synaptic.

4. What is Free.

5. How to create presentations.

gNewSense Internationalisation:

Translate the existing work into your local language. For this purpose we would like people to stand up to lead their local area, leading can be anything from cheer leading through programming, or document writing.

PmWiki and training:

Leading on from this, we are thinking of a #gNewSense-training irc channel where we could deliver training that would help with the project.

One of the first things we are planning is a lesson on how to use PmWiki. We are looking for people to work with it as our web team and so forth.

All ideas can be discussed on the wiki.

First help a user gets.

We need a web page that is seen by the "default browser" to give help and point to local help and point to useful info in the on line help. What we need here is a static web page that lives on the system. Anyone want to design such a beast?

Rules: any pages or graphics should be developed with Free Software tools.

It is not acceptable to use other tools.

We spoke for about an hour and these are roughly our distilled thoughts.



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