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Website is slow


The website is slow to respond and sometimes unreachable. We're looking into the problem. Note that http://cdimage.gnewsense.org/ works fine.

gNewSense 4.0 released


I hereby announce the release of gNewSense 4, codenamed Ucclia. It's based on a solid Debian, modified to respect the Free Software Foundation's and is available for 3 architectures: i386, amd64 and mipsel (Lemote Yeeloong).

Torrents ([1], [2]) for the live DVD images are available, as well
as direct downloads ([3], [4]) and netboot images ([5], [6], [7]).

[1] http://cdimage.gnewsense.org/gnewsense-live-4.0-amd64-gnome.iso.torrent
[2] http://cdimage.gnewsense.org/gnewsense-live-4.0-i386-gnome.iso.torrent
[3] http://cdimage.gnewsense.org/gnewsense-live-4.0-amd64-gnome.iso
[4] http://cdimage.gnewsense.org/gnewsense-live-4.0-i386-gnome.iso
[5] http://archive.gnewsense.org/gnewsense/dists/ucclia/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/mini.iso
[6] http://archive.gnewsense.org/gnewsense/dists/ucclia/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/mini.iso
[7] http://archive.gnewsense.org/gnewsense/dists/ucclia/main/installer-mipsel/current/images/loongson-2f/netboot/

Kind regards,
Sam Geeraerts

Website maintenance


The website will be down for maintenance from 2015-10-17 21:30 until 2015-10-18 01:30 UTC.

Website down for maintenance


The website will be down for maintenance from 2015-10-10 20:00 until 22:00 UTC.

gNewSense 3.1 released


I'm pleased to announce the release of gNewSense 3.1 [1]. This is a
minor update to the current stable version with codename Parkes. These are the most important changes:

- The correct country-specific package repository (instead of
beta.gnewsense.org) is set at installation time.
- Network-manager is included in the live image by default.
- The expert installer no longer suggests to install Debian's non-free repository.

Current users of gNewSense 3.0 don't have to reinstall. They get all updates automatically. However, they should update their software sources, because the installer of gNewSense 3.0 erroneously set the URL of our beta repository as the software source. That repository will be disabled next week, in order to start development on gNewSense 4. I urge you to update your software sources to the correct ones as soon as possible.
You can do this as follows:

1) Open System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager
2) Go to Settings -> Repositories
3) Click on each repository that has "beta.gnewsense.org" in the URI and replace "beta.gnewsense.org" with "xx.archive.gnewsense.org", where "xx" is the code of your country [1].

So, Germans would replace




Expert users can of course edit their /etc/apt/sources.list [2]

[1] http://www.gnewsense.org/Main/Download
[2] http://www.gnewsense.org/Main/ReposRefs#Secondary_repositories
[4] http://www.gnewsense.org/Main/ReposRefs#Secondary_repositories

Website is back up


The website is back up. I've also enabled the Xapian search engine, so searching works faster now. We had left it disabled so far because it appeared from earlier tests that searching for substrings didn't work. It does now. If you want to search for part of a word (say: "ewsense"), then prefix the search term with "r:", e.g. "r:ewsense".

More website problems


MoinMoin, the wiki software powering our website, is experiencing some difficulties. The website will probably be out for a whole day. We're working on a solution. Thanks for your patience.

Website is back up


We took some measures to block the attacks we've been having on the website. It's been running smoothly again for a few hours now, but we may experience some side effects. Please let us know if you have trouble creating a new account or logging in.

Website problems


The website is experiencing some heavy load. It looks like it's under attack. We're doing our best to block the culprits.

gNewSense 2 End Of Life


The repository of gNewSense 2 will permanently go offline on 2014-01-03. If you are still using gNewSense 2, please migrate [1] to version 3.

[1] http://www.gnewsense.org/Documentation/3/InstallationManual

Karl has written a list of actions that need to be taken when non-free software is identified. This list can be changed if required, but for now, if you discover non-free in gNS, can you please take the following actions:

1. Non-free package/ component identified
2. Bug filed against gnewsense package (or component)
3. Optional bug filed with Debian if it is relevant to them
4a. builder changed to not build/remove the package


4b. builder changed to edit package to free it
5. Bug marked fixed, then closed
Cheers, Chris.

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