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 * [[http://www.mouse2house.co.uk/index.php?show=html&page=articles/august05/1_memory.htm]] - Dont' Forget Your Memory
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## Converted from Main.RecommendedHardware?revision=1167231484 ## Converted from Main.RecommendedHardware?revision=1172054890

With the help of many users, the Free Software Foundation has created a directory of Hardware Devices that Support GNU/Linux. The directory lists all sorts of hardware that has free software drivers available. Check it out to see if your hardware is supported, or consult the lists before your next hardware purchase.

With new hardware coming to market and drivers being written all the time, the list of supported devices is constantly changing. If you are using gNewSense with a hardware device that isn't listed in the FSF hardware directory, please send them the information. It only takes a minute and is useful to anyone who is using or considering using a Free operating system.

Other sources of information:

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