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Package Freedom Verification (PFV) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Looking at the distribution mailing list, and my personal mail, I noticed that many people are asking the same questions regarding PFV work.

Please find below, a list of frequently asked questions, and answers. Lee's PFV How-to explains how the process should work.

1. What does PFV mean?

Package freedom verification/ verifier/s

2. How many packages should be in a section?

Approximately 30 packages should be in a section. This makes it more attractive for fellow volunteers to help out in the future. Some times it makes sense to have more than this number in the section, but 30 should be aimed for.

3. I need to split my section, because it's too large; how do I name the new sections?

As mentioned above, aim to split the section in to bite sized chunks of about 30 packages. When you name the new sections, you need to make sure that the new titles would cover any packages that are added in future releases of gNS. This is an example:

This ensures that if a new package was released, that was called m111, then it would fit in to this heading. If the section had been entitled _Main m-mem_, this would not have been so obvious.

4. How do I help-out with PFV?

Register for an account, and say _Hello!_ on the mailing list. Have a look at this page and see if you can help out. If you think you can, contact me (chris_debian) or mail the list to make sure nobody else is about to start work on the section you are interested in.

5. It's not clear which licence a package uses, what should I do?

Add the package to the suspected non-free software page, and report a bug. It is better to report a bug and close it a day later, than to leave any areas in an _unsure state_.

6. There seem to be so many variations to each package, which one do I check?

If you find this is a recurring problem, you are probably checking the

Ubuntu changelogs:

and not the gNS repository:

Make sure you are checking the right one.

Hope this ever expanding list help.

Many thanks,



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