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tryggvib hacked together a little script (might be buggy but he was able to use it when I verified the "a" and "b" packages).

You can get the script here: Main/PFVscript Version 0.01 Main/PFV001

Usage: pfv.pl [folder in http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/] For example, to verify the "a" packages: pfv.pl a

The program fetches the copyright notice of the latest version of every package (under the assumption that the file is simply called "copyright") and prints the first 10 lines of the file.

If the user is able to see what license it is, the user just types the name of the license (as it will appear in the wiki table). If the user is unable to see what license it it, the user just presses <RETURN> until he does and then types the name.

If the program hasn't seen the license name before, it asks whether it is free or not (which will show in the Free? column of the wiki table).

The resulting wiki table gets stored in Packages.[foldername] For example if verifying the "a" packages: Packages.a

Note: Version 0.01 is an update of the script. It works in the same way but only checks packages in the Gnewsense repos. It also implements a basic save system by writing the last package checked into a text file called 'Save.[section letter]'. If this file is present on startup the script will start checking from the next package on the list.

Hope you can use it. Feel free to modify it (it's under GPLv3). I would like the script to be able to find out the name of the license by itself, that requires some more work.


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