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Dial up modem configuation


Try the kppp set up tool first. It can be run from the command line. If that fails try the below steps.

Network configuration

Some hardware books refer to serial modems communicating over com1 and com2. In gNewSense, serial modems are accessed over /dev/ttyS0 and /dev/ttyS1

To configure the network settings:

  1. Goto K-Menu->System Settings->Network Settings

  2. Choose "Administrator Mode"
  3. Choose Network Interfaces tab.
  4. Choose the interface to configure (ppp0 perhaps) from list, then pick "Configure Interface".
  5. Enter connection details such as DHCP or Static IP address if you have to, mostly it is autodetected these days.
  6. Choose OK to accept the settings.

Manual DNS Configuration

It is most unlikely that you might need to do this. Should you need to, choose the Domain Name System tab to add edit or delete DNS Servers in the DNS Servers list.

Turning on and off the network connections

  1. Goto K-Menu->System Settings->Network Settings

  2. Choose Administrator Mode
  3. Choose the Network Interfaces.
  4. Choose the interface to enable/disable from the list, then click the option you require.


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