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What is free software?
We say that a piece of software is free if it has the following four freedoms:

Free software can or can't have a fee.

The Free Software Movement is not just something related to software, it is largely a cultural movement based on the ideals of "knowledge" and "freedom". The idea that knowledge should be a universal resource, and everyone should have the right to access the knowledge, share it and use it for the good of society. (If you're interested about this movement you may want to check these links: The Free Software Definition according to GNU project.

The Free Software movement is officially represented by the Free Software Foundation. The foundation is not only promoting the use of free software, but defending it by support including writing free licenses. The licenses protect the users, so nobody can take their software freedom away by removing the freedom that Free Software requires.

What do we mean when we say that gNewSense is 100% Free Software?

Based on the previous text, gNewSense is a GNU/Linux distribution that aims to be 100% free software and abide by the Free System Distribution Guidelines. gNewSense offers the possibility to use an operative system where everything can be studied, changed and redistributed.

This, of course implies many things. One of them, is that gNewSense has limited its hardware support by not including drivers for certain devices that aren't compatible with free software. Second, is that in anytime a non free package or blob is found on the distribution, this is considered a bug. That package containing the non free software will be removed on the next update. This implies that some conveniences from using non free software will be lost when updating the system.

You must realize that gNewSense puts Freedom first over comfort or functionality. If by obtaining the freedoms that free software provides we must lose some conveniences we won't hesitate to do it. The project will try to restore them with 100% free software, as soon as our resources permit it.

The main goal of gNewSense isn't to be the most luxurious distribution, or the more featured one, the one with best graphic effects or the most popular software. The main goal is to be Free, and provide only Free Software.

gNewSense is based on the popular distribution Ubuntu, removing all the non free software that it contains and making it 100% free. To help do this, the project has developed Builder so it can assure that all users can enjoy the freedoms that free software offers.

If you're wondering if gNewSense is for you, here's a easy guide to find it out.

  1. Ask yourself:
    • Do I know what freedom is?, do i know what digital freedom implies?
    • Do I really want my digital freedom?
    • If I obtain my digital freedom, will I defend it?
  2. Read about the GNU Project

    • What do you think about it?
  3. Meet the Free Software definition
  4. The Free Software Movement
    • GNU Project - The Project that started the Free Software Movement

    • FSF - International Organization with a worldwide mission to advance software freedom

    • FSFE - FSF Europe

    • FSFLA - FSF Latino America

    • FSF India - FSF India

  5. Discover GNU/Linux

    See more about the name

  6. We invite you to try gNewSense
    • Nice
    • Simple
    • Strong
    • Secure
    • Complete
    and the most important
    • 100% free, freedom for you, your relatives, and your community.

  7. Get it, use it, and share it.

The GNU Philosophy

        Philosophy of Free Software

Ready for the next step?

Join the gNewSense Community!

We have all the resources to form a great community and share our knowledge freely ( as in freedom!).


gNewSense is under continue development. Refining, improving and freeing the system, so this distribution can become one distribution that accomplishes the initial goal of the GNU project. The goal that has been the aim for 20 years: Get a completely Free Operating System, that can be used, distributed, improved and shared freely ( as in freedom ) among the entire community.
That people be free on their computation.

Remember: For your own good, and in solidarity to all, choose freedom. Be Free!

gNewSense - Free as in Freedom

I translated it to english the best i could, but my English may fail sometimes, i hope it shows the idea. --Ark74


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