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Bug number 1 on the gNewSense bug tracker notes that there is non-free software. It is possible there is still some of this in gNewSense. I am setting up this section of the wiki in the hope that the gNewSense community will use it to work on checking the Freedom of all the packages in the gNewSense repositories.

To do this we need to work in a public way and share our findings. We also need to share our knowledge of ways to verify the freedom of software packages.

The work will be sectioned up alphabetically, in the same way as the packages are organised in the repositories. I am asking for members of the gNewSense community to volunteer to organise the verification of the packages falling under particular letters.

If you wish to volunteer, but not take on the organisation of a whole alphabetical section, then please contact one of the section volunteers and ask to help.

We are at an early stage with this huge task and our community is a mixture of experienced and inexperienced computer users. It is vital that we share our task and our experiences.

Package lists

Verifying the Freedom of a software package

Verification FAQ


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