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This page is out of date. Please use the main navigation to find the latest documentation.

This page is not intended to be a definitive 'How To' for creating pages, rather it is intended to provide a set of basic guidelines to try and ensure consistency and thus usability of the wiki.

Linking pages into the wiki

There is no hard and fast rule here, but think twice - does this really need to be linked on the front page, or would linking off a sub page make more sense? Is this page a general wiki page (link to main wiki), or builder specific page (link to builder wiki)?


When you start a project, please do at least two of these three things:

How to name pages

All pages

Important: @When editing, please remember the Community Guidelines@

When creating a new page please put a header at the top. An easy way to do this is to create an auto-generating table of contents for quick access to other parts of the page.

To auto-insert TOC (called "On this page") do the following:

When editing a page, please leave a comment/explanation of some sort in the comment field.

Remember, it's GNU/Linux for the whole OS, Linux for just the kernel.

Documentation pages

Basic description of pages contents, what command does, comments, etc. Give the page proper headings - its required to generate the contents list properly. When done, tag the page "Tested with $release" or "Written for $release" somewhere near the top.

Profile pages

When you create an account, you have the option to create a profile page. This will automatically be added to the CategoryHomepage category. It would be good if on this page you could provide some background information about yourself (a few lines would do), and some information about your involvment/projects, and your relationship with gNewSense. Another good thing to include on this page would be some way to contact you in case someone wants to ask you about a project, or requires help from you.


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