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Once you have volounteered to verify a section or want to work on a section, checking the licence and documenting it in the wiki is a pretty simple process. I will outline here how I have documented the section that I have been verifying.

Verifying a package

Once you have located the repositories closest to you, follow guidelines for verification as laid out here. I tend to also save a copy of the relevant licence(s) of the packages that I have checked, on my computer in its own folder for personal record.

Main: http://wiki.gnewsense.org/Main/Ubuntu-hardy

Documenting in the wiki

It would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basic editing techniques of PmWiki before you start in earnest. The formatting rules are really very easy, and you will find that it takes a matter of minutes to pick up the basics.

Although licences should be verified by downloading the tarball from the gNewSense repositories, it is useful to have a link to the Ubuntu changelog because the same licence is invariably stored there in an easily linkable form. The Ubuntu changelogs can be found at the following URL.


You may notice that the Ubuntu changelog contains packages not included in the gNewSense list, these are packages that are not included in gNewSense for obvious copyright reasons. It makes no difference to us as we will be ignoring them, we are using the changelog to link to the licences that are relevant to the gNewSense package list.

When you open a link on the package list that you have volounteered for, a blank wiki page will automatically be created for that link. It is on this page that you will document the licence information for that particular list.


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