Here are licenses that are commonly used in software. The list comes from without the comments.

Software Licenses

GPL-Compatible Free Software Licenses

GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3

GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2

GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 3

GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 2.1

GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) version 3

Apache License, Version 2.0

Artistic License 2.0

Clarified Artistic License

Berkeley Database License

Boost Software License

Modified BSD license

CeCILL version 2

Cryptix General License

eCos license version 2.0

Eiffel Forum License, version 2

EU DataGrid Software License

Expat License

FreeBSD license

License of the iMatix Standard Function Library

Intel Open Source License

Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)

NCSA/University of Illinois Open Source License

License of Netscape Javascript

OpenLDAP License, Version 2.7

License of Perl 5 and below

Public Domain

License of Python 2.0.1, 2.1.1, and newer versions

License of Python 1.6a2 and earlier versions

License of Ruby

Standard ML of New Jersey Copyright License

License of Vim, Version 6.1 or later

W3C Software Notice and License

X11 License

XFree86 1.1 License

License of ZLib

Zope Public License version 2.0

GPL-Incompatible Free Software Licenses

Affero General Public License version 1

Academic Free License, all versions through 3.0

Apache License, Version 1.1

Apache License, Version 1.0

Apple Public Source License (APSL), version 2

Original BSD license

Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL)

Common Public License Version 1.0

Condor Public License

Eclipse Public License Version 1.0

IBM Public License, Version 1.0

Interbase Public License, Version 1.0

Jabber Open Source License, Version 1.0

LaTeX Project Public License 1.3a

LaTeX Project Public License 1.2

Lucent Public License Version 1.02 (Plan 9 license)

Microsoft Reciprocal License (Ms-RL)

Mozilla Public License (MPL)

Netizen Open Source License (NOSL), Version 1.0

Netscape Public License (NPL)

Nokia Open Source License

Old OpenLDAP License, Version 2.3

Open Software License, all versions through 3.0

OpenSSL license

Phorum License, Version 2.0

PHP License, Version 3.01

License of Python 1.6b1 through 2.0 and 2.1

Q Public License (QPL), Version 1.0

RealNetworks Public Source License (RPSL), Version 1.0

Sun Industry Standards Source License 1.0

Sun Public License

License of xinetd

Zend License, Version 2.0

Zope Public License version 1

Non-Free Software Licenses

Aladdin Free Public License

Apple Public Source License (APSL), version 1.x

Artistic License 1.0

AT&T Public License

eCos Public License, version 1.1

GPL for Computer Programs of the Public Administration

Hacktivismo Enhanced-Source Software License Agreement

Jahia Community Source License

Old license of ksh93

License of Lha

Microsoft Limited Public License (Ms-LPL)

Microsoft Limited Reciprocal License (Ms-LRL)

Microsoft Reference License

Microsoft's Shared Source CLI, C#, and Jscript License

Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Shared Source License

NASA Open Source Agreement

Open Public License

License of PINE

Old Plan 9 license

License of Qmail

Reciprocal Public License

Scilab license

SGI Free Software License B, version 1.1

Squeak license

Sun Community Source License

Sun Solaris Source Code (Foundation Release) License, Version 1.1

University of Utah Public License

YaST License

Licenses For Documentation

Free Documentation Licenses

GNU Free Documentation License

Apple's Common Documentation License, Version 1.0

FreeBSD Documentation License

Open Publication License, Version 1.0

Non-Free Documentation Licenses

Open Content License, Version 1.0

Open Directory License (aka License)

Licenses for Works Besides Software and Documentation

GNU General Public License

GNU Free Documentation License

Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license

Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.0 license

Design Science License (DSL)

Free Art License

Licenses for Fonts

GNU General Public License

Arphic Public License

SIL Open Font License 1.1


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