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<graziano>   http://www.thegatesnotes.com
<rm> Copyright © 2010 The Gates Notes, LLC
<rm> only bill gates would have a frigging LLC to run his personal homepage

<gnufs> (no i'd rather learn french before speaking in lisp)
<leth> gnufs: wtf! lisp is nice!
<gnufs> ((n(o))( )(i(t('(s))))( )(n(o(t))).)

* starchild is confused
<gnufs> you won't see me saying that sentence often :)
* samgee scrambles for the irc quotes page :)
<starchild> oh great...the one time I'm confused you immortalize it in the irc quotes section

<leth> starchild: how is one pragmatic with the ideology of pragmatism?
<starchild> leth: he acts like linus torvalds :D

<gnufs> "gnu is the true religion. but the core theology of it has not been completed, so people combine it with different cores, such as the torah, bible and quran. therefore such religious teachings should be called gnu/torah, gnu/bible and gnu/quran."

* Don_S wonders how many here has long hair and beard.
<gnufs> i tried gnu beard last year, but i ended up looking like a big testicle

<shigeo> yo guys, how do you see http://wiki.gnewsense.org/IRC/Quotes ?
<shigeo> on my machine, the testicle is cut off.

<gnufs> leo_rockway: is fleshlight nonfree? :P
<rocko> it can be
 if they do not release the develop specs
<leo_rockway> fleshlight the masturbation device?
<rocko> to the public
 it is non free
<gnufs> rocko: i think the specs they based on are pretty public :P
<leo_rockway> xD
<gnufs> though it's tricky to get a sample

* orly_owl sniffs gnufs's wifi packets
<gnufs> haha, i always touch my tcp/ip packs to my anus before sending

gnufs: what's sphincter?
leo_rockway: do you need a picture or will a text description suffice?

<leo_rockway> I noticed I was downloading __really__ fast from gnewsense repos.
<gnufs> because brian brazil sends hit squads to anyone doing updates other than critical security updates
<gnufs> o-oh

orly_owl: you appear to be topless/naked. >_>
gnufs: you don't expect me to build kernels in clothes, right?

gnufs: cmsimon: no personal home page is finished without an emo self-shot ;)

< ecadre> rebooting now
-!- ecadre [n=deltad@XXXXXXXX] has quit ["Download Gaim: http://gaim.sourceforge.net/"]
-!- ecadre [n=ecadre@XXXXXXXX] has joined #gnewsense
< ecadre> Elephants !!!!!

* popey boots gns for the first time
<popey> \o/ elephants!

<ecadre> I am a genius  :-)
<egon_spengler> How so?
<ecadre> not telling, you'll only disabuse me of my happy delusion


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