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If you are starting up a full community (e.g. a localized copy), make sure you have the website translation, an IRC channel, and a mailing list.

/join #gnewsense to join our English general usage channel, or

/join #gnewsense-** for your-language-here (where ** represents the two-letter language code as listed here).

To register the channel, type;

/msg chanserv register #channel <a password here> (remembering to change <a password here> for something that people won't guess, and save the password in a safe place).

Now you have the password set and the channel registered, invite chanserv in to look after it when your away:

/msg chanserv set #channel guard on

Add Freenode staff and gNewSense cloaked users to the operators list:

/msg chanserv access #gnewsense-** add *!*@freenode/staff/* /msg chanserv access #gnewsense-** add *!*@gnewsense/friend/*

(As before, ** is your languages two letter code).

If you wish to have a bot ask gouki (find him in #gnewsense) to add gobot to your channel.

And your ready to go!

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