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gNewSense is a project about obtaining a 100% Free Software GNU/Linux distribution. Based on Ubuntu, gNewSense had to reject Multiverse and Restricted repositories, which contain almost only non-free software. But we also had to remove some non-free software in Main and Universe repositories, plus binary-blobs in the Kernel.

Free Software in Multiverse

Some widely used Free Software like VLC or MPlayer have been found to be in Ubuntu's Multiverse repository although both are Free Software. This may be due to the possibility of both to bypass DVD CSS protection through the use of libdvdcss.

Free Software not available in Ubuntu LTS

Another problem may be the absence of some useful Free Software in Ubuntu's LTS repositories.

gNewSense Users Repository (gUR)

gUR is based on the Arch [GNU/]Linux' AUR idea, which gives Arch users the ability to upload software they need, that are not available in official repositories.

gUR is slightly different from AUR in that a freedom check has to be performed for each submitted software, before its inclusion in the gUR repository.


To submit a package you want to appear in gUR, fill the table at Submission.

Freedom Check

After submission of a given software, we have to proceed to its Freedom Check.

Package inclusion/rejection

To be completed.


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