Outdated documentation

This page is out of date. Please use the FAQ instead.

(Note: as I get more familiar with the wiki, and we get more q's, this faq will become more ordered)


Will gNewSense include non-free non-programs (artwork, documentation, et al)?

Do you need mirrors?

Do you have 'My favorite proprietary format'?

Is my hardware supported?

Should I use gNewSense?

Where can I order gNewSense CDs?

What do you need help with?

How can I help building?

How can I contact you?

What architectures does gNewSense run on?

Does gNewSense track Ubuntu closely, or diverge a lot?

What (natural) languages are supported?


Will you help me install non-free software on my gNewSense system?

Do you use Firefox or Iceweasel?

What programming languages are included out of the box?

Is Java included?

What kernels are SMP capable?


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