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Upgrading Debian Lenny to gNewSense metad.

This page provides a brief guide to upgrading a Debian lenny system to gNewSense metad. This guide does *not* explain how to remove any proprietary software you may have installed on your system - it is assumed you will find this for yourself.

Educate apt about metad's GPG key.

First download the archive key:

 wget http://archive.gnewsense.org/gnewsense-metad/gnewsense/archive-key.asc

Then using apt-key inform apt that you want the contents of this file to be added to its keyring.

 sudo apt-key add archive-key.asc

If the key is imported successfully (apt-key says "OK"), you can delete this file

 rm -vi archive-key.asc

Updating your sources.list

Once this is done you need to modify your sources.list to use gNewSense repositories instead of Debians.

Change into /etc/apt so we don't need to append /etc/apt to each command

 cd /etc/apt/

Then backup the existing sources.list

 mv sources.list sources.list.debian

Now we'll create a new sources.list containing gNewSense entries.

 sudo cat << 'EOF' >> sources.list
 ## Main repo
 deb http://archive.gnewsense.org/gnewsense-metad/gnewsense metad main
 # deb-src http://archive.gnewsense.org/gnewsense-metad/gnewsense metad main

 ## Security
 deb http://archive.gnewsense.org/gnewsense-metad/gnewsense-security metad main
 # deb-src http://archive.gnewsense.org/gnewsense-metad/gnewsense-security metad main

 ## Volatile
 # deb http://archive.gnewsense.org/gnewsense-metad/gnewsense-volatile metad main
 # deb-src http://archive.gnewsense.org/gnewsense-metad/gnewsense-volatile metad main

By default Volatile is disabled, but its generally safe to enable.

Now change back to your home directory

 cd ~

Update and upgrade

Before you are able to perform the upgrade, you will have to update apt so its aware of the new package sources.

 sudo apt-get update

Now you are able to do the final step: upgrading to metad.

 sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

NOTE: If you currently use aptitude for package management, the last two commands will look more like this:

 sudo aptitude update
 sudo aptitude safe-upgrade

Confirming the change over.

That should be it! Test the upgrade was successful by running the following command:

 lsb_release -a

It should provide you with output similar to this:

 No LSB modules are available.
 Distributor ID:        gNewSense
 Description:   gNewSense GNU/Linux 3.0 (metad)
 Release:       3.0
 Codename:      metad


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