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First, install sensor libraries

sudo apt-get install lm-sensors hddtemp

Run the daemon when asked and accept the default values.

Detect Sensors

Run sensors-detect:

sudo sensors-detect

Answer YES to every question. (Default answer is yes except for the last one.)

Load kernel module

The last lines of the previous process will be something like:

#----cut here----
# Chip drivers
#----cut here----

You may have something different than coretemp and that is the module name you need to load. Load that module with the name of the shown module instead of <module name>:

sudo modprobe <module name>

In the example case above, you would enter sudo modprobe coretemp

The temperature detection should be working now. You can check it by entering


This should show the temperature values.


To be able to check it continuously in GNOME, you can setup the sensors-applet on the desktop panel.

sudo apt-get install sensors-applet

Right-click on the panel and select Add to Panel. Double click on Hardware Sensors Monitor and the applet should appear on the panel.

You can right click on the applet and select Preferences to modify it.


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