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Monday 12 October, 2007

Where does the project stand on documentation at this point. I would like to contribute something in this area. I am also willing to put my Marketing/PR skills to work on the Wiki index page, if you're interested.

dcparris November 12, 2007, at 09:57 PM

Wednesday 12 September, 2007

I've finished moving all documentation that was listed at the old User Guides page to the Documentation page. I have moved all the articles listed at User Experiences to a new User Experiences section. I now have to sort through the rest of the wiki to find all documentation and decide where to put it! I've decided that, since it needs doing, I might as well make the wiki index at the same time, so have also volunteered for that job.

markdarb September 12, 2007, at 02:36 AM


Tuesday 11 September, 2007

I'm currently in the process of creating a Documentation contents page (see Documentation), moving all documentation to this Documentation section, sorting all documentation, and listing needed documentation. I'll then create an infrastructure for people to suggest documentation topics, prioritise them, and put their names down to write specific topics (so that not everybody tries to write the same thing at the same time).

I'm also looking at creating a User Experiences section of the wiki, separate from the Documentation section.

For the timebeing it would be good if people refrain from writing any further documentation. This will only be for a few days, and it is so that people can write documentation into the new infrastructure instead of me having to work out where to put it or whether it needs splitting.

Feel free to add comments to the end of this post.

markdarb September 10, 2007, at 11:44 PM



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