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About Scorched 3D

Scorched 3D is a single player and multiplayer turn-based artillery game. Gameplay is quite simple, yet requires skill to master. Players are placed randomly on a 3D map, and take turns aiming at an opponent's "tank", by adjusting angle, rotation and power and firing a weapon of choice until he is able to hit/kill his target. The core objective of the game is to kill all of his opponents in this fashion. Another element of gameplay includes an economy system, where cash is generally earned by kills and hits. The player can then use this cash to buy special weapons, defenses or fuel. Each weapon and defense, and each fuel type, has different attributes.

Scorched 3D (click on picture to enlarge it)
Destroy enemy tanks.
License of picture: GNU GPL.

The weapons include nukes, which have a large blast radius. Rollers will roll down inclines until they hit a target. Lasers can fire through mountains and hit targets directly. Funky Bombs land much like regular missiles but then launch bomblets toward nearby enemies. MIRVs spread in the air, sending small bombs down on your enemy. Napalm can be used to incinerate targets. The most powerful weapon is the Strangelove. Once in the air, the weapon spreads much like a MIRV; however, unlike the MIRV, it spreads out nukes which in turn spread into many smaller nukes, causing very widespread damage. Often the entire map is annihilated, including the shooter.

Scorched 3D (click on picture to enlarge it)
Missile on the way.
License of picture: GNU GPL.

Defenses are as important as the weapons. Batteries allow a player to repair damage. Shields protect a player from taking damage from most weapons. Magnetic shields and Force Shields repel or reflect an enemy's shots. Parachutes prevent damage from falling (when dirt is blasted out from under a tank). Auto Defense will allow a player to power up some of his/her items (mainly shields) before the start of a round.

Fuel allows a player to move his tank, either to avoid shots from an enemy who has zeroed in on his present location, or to gain a more advantageous firing position.

Minimum system requirements:
500 MHz Processor
128 MB RAM
3D Accelerated Graphics Card
200 MB Hard Disk space


To install Scorched 3D (version 41.2), open a terminal and type:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install scorched3d

(the download size is about 65MB).

Let the installation procedure take place, and once it's done you should be able to find Scorched 3D (assuming you are using GNOME

) in Applications > Games > Scorched 3D


users can go to K Menu > Games > Arcade > Scorched 3D

If you are using Xfce

then right click with your mouse on the desktop and go to Games > Scorched 3D

Alternatively you can type


in a terminal and get it up and running that way.

Please note that if you want to play the game with a smooth framerate you will need to have 3D drivers for your graphics card installed.


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