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LibreOffice is a free software multi-platform personal productivity office suite by The Document Foundation, providing powerful and feature-rich applications people usually need for normal document production and data processing: Writer (word processor), Calc (spreadsheet), Impress (presentations), Draw (graphics), Base (database front-end), Math (equation editor). It also comes configured with a PDF file creator and with a PDF editor addon.

LibreOffice is a fork of OpenOffice.org, having some relevant freedom advantages over it. While OpenOffice.org has some potential freedom issues and now comes from a company which does not have a proper "friendly" approach to the free software philosophy, LibreOffice instead respects GNU's Free System Distribution Guidelines, it is entirely free software and does not install, include or suggest any proprietary addon. What's more, it comes from an independent foundation.

Installing LibreOffice 3.3.0 on gNewSense 2.3 DeltaH

The procedure below describes how to install LibreOffice 3.3.0 an a gNewSense 2.3 DeltaH (i386) machine.

Prepare the system

First of all, please consider to backup your system and data as it is a recommended best practice to do this before you remove or install software.

Before installing LibreOffice you should remove all the previous installation of OpenOffice.org and LibreOffice itself, if any.

This step can be different depending on how you performed the previous installations, so it's up to you to do so as more appropriate. Most people will open Synaptic (System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager) to do this.

Please be careful uninstalling these packages, in order to avoid removing any dependencies otherwise necessary for the proper functioning of the system!

Now, make sure you update your system: open the Update Manager (System -> Administration -> Update Manager) and install the available upgrades, if any.

You can also open a terminal and enter:

 sudo apt-get update
 sudo apt-get upgrade

Download and unpack the LibreOffice deb archives

Open your browser and go to http://www.libreoffice.org/download/.

From the two drop-down lists in the downloading form, select Linux x86 (deb) and xx - language_name, being xx and language_name respectively the code and name of your language (as defined by ISO 639-1).

Then download either the general 'installer' archive (~146 MB) and the localized 'langpack' (~3 MB) and 'helppack' (~10 MB) archives for your language. The downloaded files should be:


where you should have the 2-digits lowercase language code of your language, instead of xx.

Note that no localized archive should be available for downloading when selecting en-US -English (US) as your language.

After you downloaded the archives, create a new folder, naming it, say, something like libreoffice-x86-deb-3.3.0, and move the downloaded archives into it. Then go to this folder and unpack them using your preferred archive tool (usually file-roller).

As a recommended alternative, you can also manage this download process entirely from a terminal:

 mkdir libreoffice-x86-deb-3.3.0
 cd libreoffice-x86-deb-3.3.0
 wget http://download.documentfoundation.org/libreoffice/stable/3.3.0/deb/x86/LibO_3.3.0_Linux_x86_install-deb_en-US.tar.gz
 wget http://download.documentfoundation.org/libreoffice/stable/3.3.0/deb/x86/LibO_3.3.0_Linux_x86_langpack-deb_xx.tar.gz
 wget http://download.documentfoundation.org/libreoffice/stable/3.3.0/deb/x86/LibO_3.3.0_Linux_x86_helppack-deb_xx.tar.gz
 tar -zxvf LibO_3.3.0_Linux_x86_install-deb_en-US.tar.gz
 tar -zxvf LibO_3.3.0_Linux_x86_langpack-deb_xx.tar.gz
 tar -zxvf LibO_3.3.0_Linux_x86_helppack-deb_xx.tar.gz

Please, note that xx here should be replaced by the 2-digit lowercase language code of your language.

Install the LibreOffice software

Now, to install the suite and the launchers for all its application in the system menu, enter:

 cd libreoffice-x86-deb-3.3.0/LibO_3.3.0_Linux_x86_install-deb_en-US/DEBS
 sudo dpkg -i *.deb
 cd libreoffice-x86-deb-3.3.0/LibO_3.3.0_Linux_x86_install-deb_en-US/DEBS/desktop-integration
 sudo dpkg -i *.deb


should be the folder where you moved the downloaded archives;

should be the folder where the LibO_3.3.0_Linux_x86_install-deb_en-US.tar.gz has been unpacked. Current version of the LibO_3.3.0_Linux_x86_install-deb_en-US.tar.gz unpacks into the LibO_3.3.0rc4_Linux_x86_install-deb_en-US folder.

Install the localized application files

To install the localized application files, enter:

 cd libreoffice-x86-deb-3.3.0/LibO_3.3.0_Linux_x86_langpack-deb_xx/DEBS
 sudo dpkg -i *.deb


should be the folder where you moved the downloaded archives;

should be the folder where the LibO_3.3.0_Linux_x86_langpack-deb_xx.tar.gz for the xx language has been unpacked.

Install the localized help files

To install the localized help, enter:

 cd libreoffice-x86-deb-3.3.0/LibO_3.3.0_Linux_x86_helppack-deb_xx/DEBS
 sudo dpkg -i *.deb


should be the folder where you moved the downloaded archives;

should be the folder where the LibO_3.3.0_Linux_x86_helppack-deb_xx.tar.gz for the xx language has been unpacked.


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