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This document will help you install gNewSense on top of your currently installed operating system.

In Ubuntu:

  1. Ubuntu users can download and install VirtualBox OSE using Synaptic with System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager.

  2. Then search for the virtualbox-ose package, mark it for installation, and click Apply at the top to start the installation. Skip to 3 below.

In Windows:

  1. Download VirtualBox from http://www.virtualbox.org/.

  2. Run the VirtualBox-X.X.X-X-Win.exe file to install.

3. Download the latest gNewSense ISO file from here.

You can also use FUSBi to download and make a bootable USB drive so you're ready to boot or install gNewSense whenever necessary.

4. Create a new Virtual Machine in VirtualBox in which to install gNewSense:

  1. Start VirtualBox and click New.

  2. Click Next and type gNewSense in for the name.
  3. For the Operating System choose Linux and for Version choose Ubuntu, then click Next.
  4. You can accept the recommended base memory or increase it depending on how much RAM you have in your machine. Click Next. If you have 2 GB RAM available, then it wouldn't hurt to give gNewSense a fourth of that. You should not go below 256MB.
  5. To create a new virtual hard disk, click New, then Next.
  6. Leave Dynamically expanding storage selected and click Next. This creates a file that will grow in size only as needed up to the maximum you select on the next screen. Even if you select a 500GB harddisk, the virtual harddisk will only take up about 3GB after the gNewSense install.
  7. You can leave the default location and default size and click Next and then Finish, then Next and Finish again. Now you'll have a new Virtual Machine that's almost ready to boot.

5. Set the new virtual machine to boot from the ISO you downloaded:

  1. With your new virtual machine selected in VirtualBox, click CD/DVD-ROM.

  2. Check Mount CD/DVD drive and the ISO Image File option.
  3. Click the folder in the ISO Image File option to add an iso to VirtualBox's library.

  4. Click Add and navigate to your desktop to select the gNewSense .iso file you downloaded earlier and click Open.
  5. Click Select and Ok to finish getting the ISO ready. Now we're ready to boot and install gNewSense.

6. Install gNewSense by clicking Start on your virtual machine and then follow the directions here. At this point you should have gNewSense running and be able to login to it.

7. Now in the virtual machine's window click Devices -> Install Guest Additions.

8. Inside gNewSense, click Accessories -> Terminal and run:

 sudo /media/cdrom/VBoxLinuxAdditions-x86.run

9. Restart gNewSense and when it comes up you can press your right Ctrl key with L to enable seamless mode.

So there we have it. In seamless mode, you will be able to use all the applications inside gNewSense on the same screen co-mingled with your host operating system's programs. If you value software freedom you'll try to run as many things inside gNewSense as possible and to replace your host operating system with gNewSense as soon as possible. Do not lose sight of the goal of running gNewSense and free software exclusively on your computer.


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