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This page shows you how you can import photos from your digital camera with gNewSense.


F-Spot is the default gNewSense deltah photos manager, but is written in C#, it is thus a threat for free software communities, and Microsoft's community promise is also full of loopholes. For this reason, we recommend using gThumb instead. This part describes how to remove F-Spot and install gThumb instead.

F-Spot removal

To remove F-Spot, open a terminal and become root:

 sudo -s

Then, just remove it:

 apt-get remove f-spot

gThumb install

To install gThumb, synchronize local and remote software lists first:

 apt-get update

Install gThumb:

 apt-get install gthumb

Connecting digital camera

When you're on the desktop, connect your digital camera to your computer through its default connector (often USB connector). Switch on your digital camera. A new window should appear asking you whether you want to import your photos or not.

Note: be aware that recent digital cameras may not be supported.

Click on Ignore.

Importing photos

Open gThumb, either from the terminal:


or from the menu Applications -> Graphics -> gThumb Image Viewer. Once in gThumb, go to File -> Import Photos.

Import Photos' window is there, choose the destination directory, select photos you want to import and click on the Import button. By default, photos will be in a folder named yyyy-mm-dd--hh.mm.ss in the destination directory you chose, for example "2009-07-19--18.44.47".


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