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For listening to music, you may need to extract it from audio CD(s). This page describes how to do it.


Insert your audio CD in your disc drive.


After audio CD insertion, Rhythmbox should have open its main window automatically. If not, go to Applications -> Sound & Video -> Rhythmbox Music Player or use Sound Juicer instead.

You just have to click on the Copy to library button and wait until job is done. Extracted music can then be found in the Library -> Music list of the main window of Rhythmbox. To stop extraction, click on Eject button.

Sound Juicer
Sound Juicer.
License of picture: GNU GPL.

To change default extraction location, go to Edit -> Preferences -> Music.

Sound Juicer

Sound Juicer is the default gNewSense's audio CD extractor. To use it, just launch Applications -> Sound & Video -> Audio CD Extractor.

You can choose where to save files in Edit -> Preferences.


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