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If something goes wrong and you've done everything in your power to fix it, you'll probably want to simply restore your system from an earlier date. You may want to transfer your files, applications and settings to another drive (or computer) without a lot of grief. This article will help you out. We will use the application Partimage for this entire tutorial.

Partimage (click on picture to enlarge it)
Partimage (version 0.6.7).
License of picture: GNU GPL.

The desktop environment is assumed to be GNOME. You'll probably want to download Partition Image from Synaptic Package Manager as opposed to downloading the live CD. To do this, click System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager. Click on Search in the package manager's window. Search for partimage and click the partimage package. A box will pop up listing commands. Click on Mark for Installation and click Apply. To summon the power of Partimage click Applications > Accessories > Terminal. Type in:

sudo partimage

and your password.

Don't feel intimidated by the lack of a full interface. Partimage's interface is easy to use: move between settings with the arrow keys, select boxes with the space bar, and activate buttons with the Enter key.

Some Things to Consider

The Backup

Restoring when Something Goes Wrong


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