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About BZFlag

BZFlag (an abbreviation for Battle Zone capture the Flag) is a three dimensional first person tank shooting game. In a game of BZFlag, players drive around tanks, viewed from a first-person view, in a server-defined world (also known as a "map"), which can be modified. Tanks have the ability to drive through other tanks, but cannot travel through buildings or other world objects. The basic objective is to destroy opponents' tanks, which are tanks of another team's color. For example, green tanks are supposed to try to destroy red, purple, blue, and rogue tanks. Rogue tanks do not have any allegiances to a certain team and are therefore able to kill anybody.

BZFlag (click on picture to enlarge it)
BZFlag in action.
License of picture: GNU LGPL.

There are styles of game play that modify the objective. Styles are server-based, as the server operator chooses what style to host. If there is no special style indicated by the server owner, the only objective is the above (to simply kill opponent tanks), it is called a "free for all", or "FFA" for short.

There are three other objectives and corresponding styles (four in total): a style called "capture-the-flag" (or "CTF" for short) in which tanks try to pick up an opponent's flag and bring to its own home base (a small area marked with the team's color that simply is the home of a team), a style called "rabbit chase" in which the objective is to have every hunter (colored red and yellow) tank try to destroy a particular white tank, called the "rabbit," and a style called "King of the Hill," in which the tanks attempt to stay in a certain area for 30 seconds without being killed. If they succeed, they're "The King of the Hill."

Servers can change the game mode and have custom maps made to fit the properties of the game. Certain thresholds are used to catch malicious players and kick them off the server, as well as message filters, and an entire collection of other anti-cheating features.


To install BZFlag (client and server, version 2.0.10), open a terminal and type:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install bzflag bzflag-server

Let the installation procedure take place, and once it's done you should be able to find BZFlag client (assuming you are using GNOME

) in Applications > Games > BZFlag


users can go to K Menu > Games > BZFlag - Tank Battle Game

If you are using Xfce

then right click with your mouse on the desktop and go to Games > BZFlag

Alternatively you can type


in a terminal and get it up and running that way.

If you need information about bzflag, type

man bzflag

in a terminal to see available help.




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