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Switch to Free Software while in Windows

If you're not willing to take the leap into free software cold-turkey, you can start by replacing just some of your Windows programs with free software equivalents. A lot of the free software which you can use in gNewSense is also available for both Windows and other GNU/Linux distributions. Some of the most commonly used free software applications available for Windows are listed below.

For a more detailed explanation of free software in Windows, see "Free Software for Windows".







Command line


Wikipedia has a page on Free Software alternatives to proprietary software.

Free Formats and Free Software

You must be aware that some formats, mostly multimedia formats, are closed and difficult to implement with free software. Such formats include:

Be aware that those technologies may not work correctly, if ever, on gNewSense.

Switch to gNewSense

Once you're familiar with free software for doing whatever you want, it will be easy to switch to gNewSense. You first have to download and burn the CD image of gNewSense. After this, you can try gNewSense in live CD mode, and if you feel you are ready, install it on your computer.

There are interesting articles on the http://www.getgnulinux.org/ website that help you understand what may change for you by switching from Windows to GNU/Linux in general.


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