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With gNewSense you can do not only the most common tasks such as Web browsing, playing multimedia files and office automation, it also has different tools for more complex activities such as digital arts, communication, programming, engineering, and more.

The default installation of the system will give you a complete set of programs with which you can start to work and enjoy immediately. If these programs are not what you need, do not worry. gNewSense lets you choose among hundreds of free applications, download them, and install them with just a few clicks.

Various Communication Tools in gNewSense Desktop

Communicate With Friends and Family

You have various alternatives to communicate over the Internet. With Epiphany Web Browser you can use any standards based communication service available through the Web such as e-mail services. Pidgin client lets you use free protocols for instant messaging such as XMPP (Jabber) and IRC. For calls from PC to PC, PC to Phone and videoconference, you can use Ekiga Softphone.

Totem Multimedia Player in gNewSense Desktop

Photos, Music and Video

Organize and enjoy your multimedia libraries. You can manage your photo collection, edit and tag each photograph, watch them in convenient presentations and share them with the world. Listen to radio stations from different parts of the world, any genre you like, or access music stores online where you can legally listen to and download songs that you can share with other people. Watch video shows in different languages, or simply play your video collection.

Torcs, a 3D Racing Game in gNewSense Desktop

Do You Like to Play?

There are lots of games you can play, in different genres such as action, adventure, racing, simulation. No matter if you have an average computer or a powerful one, you'll find games for you. Many of these games add extra fun allowing you to play online against other players around the world. And with the enthusiastic community of free game developers that already exists, you can expect to have more exciting game titles in the future.

Virtual world and Atlas in gNewSense Desktop

Use It for Your Studies

There are different applications that students from any grade level can use to complement their education. Computer science students will find in gNewSense a very good place to learn and test their abilities. If you are a teacher or if you are involved in education, take a look at these programs, you could find something useful to include in your classes. If you see a lack of educative tools, develop them yourself and help to release to the world the learning materials that are locked in universities and other educational institutions.

3D Molecule representation in gNewSense Desktop

Use It for Work

OpenOffice.org will give you a complete package of software for the most common office activities. Also, you will find more specialized tools that can be integrated in your work flow. Applications for data analysis and visualization, engineering drawing, translation, and more. You can use gNewSense in your business and adapt it specifically to work for what you need.

gNewSense Desktop with a custome theme

Customize it!

You already know that you have the freedom to modify the system to fit your needs. You can change everything in gNewSense, from the appearance to the more complicated piece of software. If you are an average user, gNewSense will make your life easier by letting you use graphical dialogs to change things like themes, backgrounds and visual effects. And you can always take advantage of your freedom to study how gNewSense works to learn how to change other components or to create your own!

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