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One thing users new to gNewSense and GNU/Linux in general will either love or hate is
the default panels which put the menus in the top left corner rather than the bottom left,as
in Windows. This behavior can be easily changed for those who find it too counter-intuitive.

The default Gnome Desktop has two panels, one at the top and one at the bottom. The top
panel contains the system menus, a browser launcher, e-mail launcher, help icon, a user
switcher, network status icon, volume control, date/time, and a shutdown button.

The bottom panel contains a Show Desktop button, the Window list, Desktop switcher, and
the Trash can.

The first thing to do is remove the bottom panel. It is safe to do this as you will be adding
its functionality to the top panel.

Hover the cursor over a blank area on the bottom panel and right click. This will bring up a
dialog box. Select Delete this Panel. When the warning dialog pops up, select Delete.

Hover the cursor over a blank area on the top panel and right click. Select Properties. This will
bring up a dialog box. From the Orientation list, select bottom. The panel will move to the bottom
of the desktop. Close this box.

Now that the panel is in its new location, you can add to it. Once again, right click on the panel. Select
Add to Panel.

You will be presented with a list of components that can be added to the panel. Scroll down until you find
Show Desktop. Click on it and select Add. It will appear on the panel. Continuing through the list, add a
Trash can and a Window List. Close the Add to Panel box.

Now there is a bottom oriented panel which contains all the functionality of both original panels, and is
in a more familiar place. Now to clean it up.

If you right click directly on any item, you will get a small dialog. The two options you want right now
are Move and Lock to Panel. The first step is to make sure each item is unlocked by unchecking
Lock to Panel(if it is checked)for each item.

With each item unlocked, you can move every item individually to a new location. How you do this is
a matter of personal taste. Experimentation will bring you to an arrangement you like.

Once you have everything place where you like it, you can right click on each item and lock it to the

Now that you've gotten this far, you can take it further on your own. You can delete things you really
don't like or find new things to add. One of the great things about Gnome is the ability to configure your
user interface to suit your needs and preferences.

Have fun with it.

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