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Changing the Desktop background.

From the main panel, open the System menu.
Scroll to Preferences and select Appearance from the menu.

This will open the Appearance Preferences dialog. Select the
Background tab in this box.

You will see a representation of all installed backgrounds.
Simply click on one you like to change to it. If this suits
you, simply close the box.

The Add button will allow you to add more backgrounds to the
list of available images. You can use this to add images you
have downloaded or transferred to your computer.

The Remove button will allow you to do the opposite, removing
any images you choose from the list.

If you need to adjust the display properties for a given image
you can do so using the drop down menu for the Style properties.

The Colors dialog allows you to adjust properties when using a solid
color(no image) for the background.

A shortcut is to right-click somewhere on your Desktop and select
Change Desktop Background from the bottom of the menu.


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