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After what we have gone through, here are my keywords for the direction we should take:

What Didn't Make It

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Theme up your desktop in the way you'd like the default gNewSense desktop to be, and then post screenshots on the web and link to them here - If so, please use The Widget Factory - http://www.stellingwerff.com/?page_id=10 - which is available through the "twf" command after a "apt-get install thewidgetfactory".



YotoPhoto is the biggest index of free culture photography around, and it has a magicaly colour-search feature so that you can search for a desktop background image that matches the general colour of your theme. Example: http://yotophoto.com/images/-/1?min=10&lic=cgp&color=74B42A

Please list examples of wallpapers here, with their license:



topic and logo in main theme

do big things, more than anyone can imagine, at least in the kgNewSense part I am going to try to add something related, I like images with philosophical and idealist meaning... something that represents our ideals and what we are. rek2


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